Facing memory

Sarajevo and Srebrenica

Every act of facing memory is
in honor on those who suffered.

As someone who survived the war tortures and the loss of loved ones, we are aware that the victims on all sides of the conflict, including the civil war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, have similar or the same traumas. The suffering of the Serbs from Sarajevo and Srebrenica region in the past wars must not be forgotten, and we need to talk about and learn in an adequate way through the development of a culture of remembrance and facing memory.

Memorials and remembrance on the victims is our debt and our vow.
Suffering and loss lay at the heart of a person’s connection to their sense of personal identity.
Sarajevo & Srebrenica
Two cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina where stigmatization reached its peak and overshadowed the suffering of the Serbs there.


In Serbian language name Slobodan means freedom

Slobodan Samardzic famous musician and artist from Sarajevo was taken from his apartment on 14th of May in 1992 together with his fellow citizens Stana Šehovac and Radomir Braco Gojović. They were tortured and killed. Despite the fact that the police conducted an on-site investigation, they are still listed as missing. For more read HERE.


In Serbian language name Slobodan means freedom

The family of Slobodan found themselves in the village of Drinjača after they had been exchanged as prisoners of war in June 1992. Slobodan deeply suffered because they left his dog, Lux at home. During the night of 27th July, he left his room and went to his house to bring the dog.


Smart features

Only straight way for reconciliation process is trough justice, truth and remembrance.


The path to equal justice requires reckoning with practices that are unfair and failing. Serb victims deserve equal justice.


Remembrance and facing memory give a sense of closure for victims, to enable them to move on from the past and continue their life.


Restoring dignity in this sense may require processes aimed at restoring those who suffered violations to their proper position.

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