Detainees and missing persons associations of the Sarajevo and Podrinje – Birač (Srebrenica) region

Who we are?

We represent associations of detainees and families of missing persons from the area of ​​Sarajevo and the middle Podrinje, where Srebrenica is located. As someone who survived the war tortures and the loss of loved ones, we are aware that the victims on all sides of the conflict, including the civil war in BiH, have similar or the same traumas. In this regard, we express our sincere human reverence for each victim and call on judicial institutions to prosecute those responsible for all crimes committed on all parties to the conflict.

At the same time, from the position of a victim, we want to share with the public our perspective on events and tragic experiences that we carry with the deep hope that our experiences will help all good and responsible people to make additional efforts to fight destruction, extremism and evil. In the hope that our appeals will be understood in advance, we thank everyone who will make the slightest effort to make the facts about our wounds and traumas more accessible to the public.